Don’t make these 4 mistakes when applying for an internal position

Mistakes when applying for an internal position

Table of Contents Applying for an internal position can be a HUGE advantage. As a current employee, you already know how the company works and its internal processes. You know the company’s mission and core values. One of the biggest advantages you have when applying for an internal position is that you already have a … Read more

5 Cons to working at a startup

Working at a startup

Table of Contents Startups are often an exciting environment, filled with potential and drama. Mainstream media, such as the show Silicon Valley, often glamorize working at a startup. I have worked at several startups in my early career, and I have concluded that I will never work at a startup again. I was naïve and … Read more

8 Work Habits That Require ZERO Talent

Work habits that require zero talent

Table of Contents Being successful in your career and climbing that corporate ladder requires a lot of work. Not only do you have to do your job well, but you must go above and beyond and always be trying to demonstrate your value. However, there are several easy things you can do to help you … Read more

5 Tips when starting a new job

Tips when starting a new job

Table of Contents Starting a new job is very exciting! All your hard work and interview prep finally paid off and now you have a new opportunity in your hands. Make sure you start off your new job on the right foot with these tips when starting a new job! It is important that you … Read more

CV vs Resume: 2 main differences

CV vs Resume

Table of Contents If you are a recent graduate trying to enter the workforce, you may be confused about the differences between a (Curriculum Vitae) CV vs Resume. This is especially true if you obtained a higher post secondary education such as a Master’s or a Ph.D. degree. If you’ve been in graduate school then … Read more

How long should a cover letter be?

How long should a cover letter be

Table of Contents So you’ve spent hours perfecting and tailoring your resume for that dream job you want. You are ready to apply when they ask for…a dreaded cover letter. How long should a cover letter be? What do you write in a cover letter anyway? How long should a cover letter be? A cover … Read more