Hi there!

I’m Ginny! I’m a 30 something working professional in Canada. I spent nearly a decade in school getting an education and was very eager to get out in the world and start my career. I started out very confident. After all, I had a decade of education behind me.

It was then that I was knocked into a harsh reality. After applying to hundreds of jobs online and getting no interviews, I realized something was wrong. I was unemployed for about 10 months now and it was clear I had no idea what I was doing. Not one thing in my 10 yrs of education prepared me for the world and taught me how to get a job or what I could do with my degrees.

Everyone was looking for someone with experience. And I had none. Surely it was possible to find a job with no experience, otherwise no one would ever be able to start their career! Even though I had no experience, I still had a lot to offer!

And so I began my journey of how to get a job. Learning how to get a job became my full time job. So here I am, telling you my experiences and everything I’ve learned to save you some pain and frustrations. If you’re a recent graduate, chances are you’re going through the same thing I went through. Most recent graduates, and even people who have working experience, struggle with finding a job.

I’m here to help you get your first job and succeed at it!