5 Tips when starting a new job

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Starting a new job is very exciting! All your hard work and interview prep finally paid off and now you have a new opportunity in your hands. Make sure you start off your new job on the right foot with these tips when starting a new job!

It is important that you give people a good impression of you. Giving people a good impression of you is vital for your career success. It is extremely hard to change people’s opinion of you once they have formed it. Starting a new job gives you clean slate and a blank canvas for you to paint.

Paint the good impression you want with these 5 tips when starting a new job!

5 Tips when starting a new job

Bring the necessary paperwork

The first tip when starting a new job is the easiest to do. If you have not already completed all of your paperwork with HR before your first day, make sure you bring all the necessary information to complete your paperwork, including any ID, social security, banking information or void check, etc.

Dress appropriately

Before starting a new job, find out what the dress code is. It’s a simple question to ask HR or your direct manager. If you missed this opportunity and are unsure, a safe bet is to go with business casual for an office job.

It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. You can also dress in a versatile outfit where adding or removing an item can change the look.

For example, adding a blazer can dress up an outfit and make a casual look more business casual.

Steer clear of office gossip

I know you’re very eager to bond with your new colleagues at your new job. Starting a new job is tough. You’re nervous and anxious and one of the reasons is because it is a new environment with no friendly faces.

It’s like when you’re a kid and starting at a new school. Everyone is a stranger and you have no friends yet. Who are you going to eat lunch with?!

One of the easiest ways to bond with a new co-worker is over gossip. Resist this urge! You can listen, but definitely do not contribute. Introduce yourself to everyone and be friendly, but just be an observer.

Keep in mind that you are brand new to the environment. You are probably hearing half-truths of gossip from coworkers. You do not know the office dynamics yet and do not want to fall in the wrong crowd.

You do not know who is trustworthy or who not to trust. You do not know who the troublemakers are or who are the stellar colleagues.

Even when you have been at your job for awhile and you have learned about the office dynamics, it is still best to steer clear of office gossip. You always want to be likeable and dependable.

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Ask questions and take notes

When starting a new job, you will have the least amount of accountability you will ever have. Your boss and colleagues will have the lowest expectations of you and it’s actually ok! No one will expect you to know anything or do anything.

This is the time to ask all the questions you have, even simple and easy ones, without looking incompetent. Take advantage of it! Learn as much as you can while you have the freedom to make mistakes.

An important note is that when someone is trying to teach or train you on something, do not interrupt them and say you already know it if you do. Even worse is to interrupt them and correct them. DO NOT DO THIS. It’s annoying for your trainer. Just listen and absorb.

Question, learn, listen, and confirm!

Do not criticize procedures or processes yet

When you are starting a new job, you should be asking questions about how to do the job. You should not be trying to change things yet – it is far to early for that.

Do not criticize procedures or processes yet. Do not try to revolutionize the wheel or question why things are done a certain way and how you know a much more efficient way to do things.

No one likes a know it all. Especially someone brand new trying to pull rank and change things. You are new to the environment and do not know how the company runs yet.

Perhaps there are system limitations or corporate red tape or compliance and legal issues for why things are done the way they are. Again, just learn your job and be an observer for now.

So there are 5 tips when starting a new job to help you start off on the right foot. So go in there and nail it!

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